As an Age Concern volunteer, you can play a vital role on our island and make an incredible difference in the lives of our vulnerable adults. Through your efforts, adults in our community can get the help they desperately need.

Thinking about volunteering with us?  We thank you for your interest. Whether you want to gain new knowledge, new experience or make new friends through volunteering, your effort will be much needed and appreciated.


Age Concern Volunteer Roles for You!

The below list represents some of the volunteer roles that are available.

Call Centre Volunteer

Time involved: 4hrs a week

Would like to interact with the older adult community and assist them in learning more about what is available to them? The Call Centre Volunteer Associate will engage in conversations with community members to assist them with their general questions and concerns, affiliate, and potential hardship needs.

Affiliate Processing Volunteer

Time involved: 2-4hrs a week

The position of Affiliate Processing Volunteer is one of great important to Age Concern Bermuda. They provide administrative support for the Affiliate Program by processing affiliate payments and donations for the organization using our client management system.

Fund Development Volunteer

Time involved: 4hrs a week

Would like to assist in Fundraising Efforts? Ever wonder how a non-profit organization keeps track of all their donations? The Fund Development Volunteer will provide administrative support for any fundraising efforts.

Quality Assurance Volunteer

Time involved: Varied Hours

Want to help us here at Age Concern Bermuda become better? Don’t mind asking the uncomfortable questions when it is for the betterment of the community? The position of Quality Assurance Volunteer will engage in conversations with community members to assess how we at ACB are doing and how we could be doing better. They also assist members of the community with potential hardship needs.

General Administrative Assistant Volunteer

Time involved: 1-3 hrs a week

A General Administrative Volunteer will assist with the day-to-day operations by maintaining our physical and electronic files and help us with our weekly affiliate card mailings and other administrative tasks.