Enhancing The Quality of Life for Older Adults

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The current ageing trend facing the globe is one that has no parallel in human history, and Bermuda is no different. By the year 2030, persons over the age of 65 years will represent 24 percent of the total population (Bermuda Census 2010)

These changes are leading to a record-high old-age dependency ratio, which reflects the ability of the working population to support its older adults. By 2030, the old-age dependency ratio is expected to increase significantly, which combined with a relatively constant youth dependency ratio means that there will be over 60 older adults and youth for every 100 people of working age.

The shift toward an older population is compounded by a trend toward earlier retirement. Of people over 65 in 1980, 50% of men and 25% of women were in the labour force. In 2000, the percentage of older adults in the labour force had declined to 34% of men and 17% of women.

(Taken from the Age Concern’s Successful Ageing Research Report, sponsored by the Atlantic Philanthropies)