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Wednesday, July 26

Age Concern Hosts Health Event For Seniors

​Age Concern Bermuda successfully hosted its second health clinic for the year in the East End of the island

Wednesday, July 26

Age Concern Congratulates Premier Burt & PLP

Age Concern is congratulating Premier David Burt and the Progressive Labour Party [PLP] on their election victory.

Wednesday, July 26

International Cooperation in Long-Term Care

ACHCA Chapter in Discussions with Age Concern Bermuda

Friday, June 16

Call for tougher laws to protect elderly

Claudette Fleming has highlighted the urgent need for better protection of seniors as those over 65 will this month outnumber those under 14.

Thursday, March 23

Pictures of good health

A series of three health initiatives were launched yesterday providing free vital, eye and dental screenings to seniors over the age of 50 years old

Friday, February 24

Nursing facilities ‘woefully inadequate’

Age Concern yesterday called on the Bermuda Government to address “woefully inadequate” community care facilities.

Tuesday, December 06

Age Concern wants probe into police actions

Age Concern has backed the call for an investigation into police actions during the protests outside the House of Assembly on Friday.

Tuesday, December 06

Symposium Held On Long Term Care In Bermuda

Bermuda’s first long term care symposium was held at BUEI on Saturday, with stakeholders exchanging information

Monday, October 17

Bernews Podcast: Dr Fleming On Issues Affecting Seniors

Dr Fleming talks about research she has done in Bermuda as well as the effects of the recession on Age Concern’s members.