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Thursday, August 18

Financial fears of jobless grandma

An unemployed grandmother faces a battle for financial survival after being told she does not qualify for Financial Assistance.

Thursday, August 18

Charity backs retirement contracts

Dr Claudette Fleming, of Age Concern, says keeping older people in the workforce requires compromise.

Wednesday, July 27

Warning over long-term senior care ‘crisis’

Long-term care in Bermuda is still in a “crisis” situation, according to Age Concern director Claudette Fleming

Tuesday, May 17

Caregivers need help – Age Concern

Age Concern executive director Claudette Fleming believes caregivers need more support

Wednesday, March 30

Raffle Ticket winners 2016

Wednesday, March 30

2016 Raffle Ticket Winners

Tuesday, February 16

Age Concern calls for prices inquiry

Stagnant salaries and rising living costs are the real reasons why many poorer residents cannot afford groceries, a community advocate has claimed.

Wednesday, January 27

Helping seniors with medical expenses

Age Concern has teamed up with a local physician to help seniors with medical expenses.

Friday, January 22

Older employees urged to be tech-savvy

Older workers need to keep up with technological advances to remain valuable in the workforce.