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Tuesday, December 06

Symposium Held On Long Term Care In Bermuda

Bermuda’s first long term care symposium was held at BUEI on Saturday, with stakeholders exchanging information

Monday, October 17

Bernews Podcast: Dr Fleming On Issues Affecting Seniors

Dr Fleming talks about research she has done in Bermuda as well as the effects of the recession on Age Concern’s members.

Monday, October 17

Fleming argues for tighter standards of care

Seniors advocates are calling on the Bermuda Government to enforce tighter standards at care homes

Friday, September 23

45 Minute Video: Meeting On Seniors & Housing

Age Concern held its AGM at the Evangelical Church Hall in Paget, with members provided with reports on the organization’s charitable activities.

Friday, September 23

Seniors need private sector

Housing the island’s burgeoning senior population will require the private sector to pitch in, according to Age Concern

Thursday, August 18

Pensions delay warning

For the second time in three months, some new pension applications have not been processed in time for payment.

Thursday, August 18

Financial fears of jobless grandma

An unemployed grandmother faces a battle for financial survival after being told she does not qualify for Financial Assistance.

Thursday, August 18

Charity backs retirement contracts

Dr Claudette Fleming, of Age Concern, says keeping older people in the workforce requires compromise.

Wednesday, July 27

Warning over long-term senior care ‘crisis’

Long-term care in Bermuda is still in a “crisis” situation, according to Age Concern director Claudette Fleming