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Friday, July 20

‘Massive study of senior population to be undertaken’

A comprehensive survey of the senior population will be undertaken by the Department of Statistics.

Monday, July 09

‘Insurance for long-term care of seniors hailed as ‘excellent idea’’

Long-term care insurance could be available to the Island’s seniors in a few years.

Sunday, May 20

Survey to probe the needs of seniors

Up to 1,000 seniors will be part of a government endorsed survey in October and November of this year.

Wednesday, May 09

Ageing population straining the economy

Bermuda’s businesses could face a manpower crunch as the island’s senior population reaches record figures over the next 20 years, studies suggest.

Wednesday, April 25

Savings alone won’t be enough to sustain you

We’re living longer than we ever have before — and we may end up outliving our means

Monday, February 05

Never too late to graduate!

A 63-year-old grandmother celebrated her graduation from the General Education Development Program (GED) yesterday.

Wednesday, January 31

‘Why we turned to institutional care’

When a study of Bermuda’s aging population revealed the extent to which seniors were being cared for by their adult children

Wednesday, January 31

A chance to grow old with dignity

A new $20 million rest home will give seniors the chance to experience “dignity and care”, according to Health Minister Nelson Bascome.

Friday, November 10

‘Let us tackle concerns about the elderly’

Let us take the lead in defusing Bermuda’s looming baby boom time bomb. That was the call from Age Concern last night